House Eventide

3rd Meeting: Arrival at Kings Landing

The party reached the gate of the gods in the middle of the night. After days of riding hard, Aidan Black reached the group and joined them as they went inside. Upon reaching said gates the guards (Mick and ? ) were very harsh with the men, demanding to search all of their valuables. After some persuasion and a well placed bribe, Skud was able to gain passage and information regarding the Kettlebottoms.

The party was then escorted by Mick to the Green tree inn where they acquired room and board for the evening. While socializing in the inn, Elend meets the gaze of the beautiful Lidda and attempts to woo her. Skud makes friends with one of her retainers and occupies him while Elend and Lidda slip off for some alone time. Aidan and Asher tail Elend to a brothel where he dances with and ultimately beds with Lidda. While patroling the outside of the inn Asher is approached by four bandits, he kills the first and calls for aid. Aidan rushes outside after alerting the now satiated Elend and joins the fight. After a short skirmish two of the thugs are dead at the hand of Asher and the other two are down and yielding to Aidan. The gold cloaks are alerted and arrest the two remaining bandits. While this is occurring, Glenn meets an old knight named Jorus who regales him at length about the fox knight and his dealings. Glenn agrees to help Jorus find this fox knight in the kings wood on the morrow. Skud meets a merchant in the inn and trades him truffles for a very potent liquor. He also meets Orten Lungus, who tells him that he is attempting to marry off his sister Marta. Orten goes on to tell that Marta is known as the black widow of Casterly rock due to her late husbands untimely and suspicious deaths.

The following morning Asher receives an unmarked package containing a very valuable knife. He then sets off with Glenn and Ser Jorus into the Kings wood to find the fox knight. They search for hours but find nothing, eventually coming across a large boar which they kill and bring back to kings landing. As this is going on Aidan and Elend are approached by a crazed man claiming that Elend is the father of his daughters unborn child. Aidan quickly dispatches these rumors by telling the man that the gold cloaks at the gates received the party just the other day. As this is unfolding Skud receives a letter from Dingle-berry stating that Grissle is sick. Skud immediately goes off to investigate and figure out what is wrong. The party then went to the tournament grounds and placed some bets on weather or not Ser Jorus would find the fox knight.

The sessions ends with the members of house Eventide sharing their boar with the small folk around the grounds and Elend about to meet Marta.



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