House Eventide

2nd Meeting: Along the Kingsroad

Everyone Hates Us

Continuing south, we discovered that a rival house of ours, the Kettlebottoms, have been spreading malicious rumors. We were confronted by the locals, whose weak minds had believed the petty lies. Skud decided to take a proactive approach, spreading false rumors of the Kettlebottoms in return.

The party also encountered the remnants of a group of sellswords. They later discovered that a man named the Fox Knight was hiring people and getting them killed. The Fox Knight is headed north, which is strange as he is from the Highgarden area in the south.

The party took in three new members at an inn. A female archer, a merchant who hopes to make it big in Kings Landing, and a garrulous knight who had been hired by the Fox Knight. As the party ventured south, an ambush was encountered. Ham, the talkative knight took an arrow through the eye. The party was able to interrogate one of the assassins, who admitted that the Kettlebottoms were behind the attack. Skud was about to finish the man off before Elend intervened, offering him a place in the ranks of House Eventide.

The session ended when the party arrived at the gates of King’s Landing.

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