Aidan Black

Dishonored Knight, retainer of House Eventide.


“The Ghost Knight” / “Kinslayer”
Age: 26
Gender: Male
House: Eventide
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 225
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown


Agility: 4 (Quickness 1B)
Animal Handling: 4 (Ride 2B)
Athletics: 5 (Strength 1B)
Awareness: 4+7
Cunning: 3
Deception: 1
Endurance: 4
Fighting: 7 (Long Blades 2B, Spears 2B, Fencing 2B)
Healing: 2
Language: 3
Knowledge: 2
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 2 (Charm 1B)
Status: 3 (Tournaments 2B) (+2 to Status Tests, Anointed)
Stealth: 2
Survival: 2
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 3 (Command 1B)
Will: 3

Intrigue Defense: 9 (+4 Awareness + 2 Cunning, +3 Status)
Composure: 9
Combat Defense: 12, 10 w/Plate + Shield, 10 w/leather
Health: 12

Heritage Quality: Blood of the Andals (Fighting) (Pg. 77)
Fate Quality: Sponsor (Ser Barristan Selmy) (Pg. 89)
Martial Quality: Tourney Knight (Pg. 90) --off——
Martial Quality: Anointed (Pg. 77)
Martial Quality: Water Dancer I (Pg. 91)
Fate Quality: Famous (Pg. 81)

Nemisis: (Malfurio)

Starting EXP: 310
Starting Specialty EXP: 80
Earned EXP: 0
Spent Earned EXP: 0
Destiny Point: 2

Can re-roll 1 Fighting D, Blood of Andals
Long sword: 7D +2B / 4 +1 +1 (castle forged)
1st Sword of Bravos: 7D +2B / 4 +1 +1 (Valaryan)
Spear: 7D +1B / 4 +1 +1 (Fast, castle forged)
War lance: 7D +1B / 4 +4 +1 (Bulk 2, Impale, Mounted, Power, Slow, Vicious, castle forged)

(Tournament Jousting (Pg. 167, 90, 77)

Custom Full Plate: Armor Rating: 10 – Armor Penalty: -6
Ornately fashioned, wave on chest, gauntlets have the inscription “My Dying Breath”
Custom Leather Armor: Armor Rating: 3 – Armor Penalty: -2
Custom fitting, dyed black, bracers, greaves, hood, and face/neck guard

Artex: War Horse (Destrier)
Mail Barding

Backpack: Lantern, oil x3, candles, flint + steel, blanket, water skin x2
Saddlebags: Small tent, hand ax, torches x3, blanket, water skin x4
Personal: Necklace with wife’s wedding ring, small dagger (gift from wife)
Clothing: Travelers clothes, Fine attire: black/silver/blue w/Eventide cloak clasp
Coin: 90 Gold Dragons / 2950 Silver Stags


Once a proud knight in the affluent western House Whitemoore, Aidan disgraced himself and the unit he was in command of during a major conflict involving a rival house. On the morning of the battle a messenger was sent to the front-line encampment bringing news that Aidan’s wife Alyanna was having severe complications with her pregnancy. Fearing the worst, Aidan left the battle to be by her side, directly disobeying his commanding officer and liege lord’s heir.

The battle ended with catastrophic losses for House Whitemoore, including the decimation of Aidan’s entire regiment. Furious at this act of cowardice and the loss of his own son at the battle, the lord of the house, Adolfus Whitemoore, exacted his vengeance upon Aidan by having his new born son killed moments after his birth. By the time Aidan returned home his world was destroyed; The love of his life had died during child birth, and his infant son was murdered for Aidan’s perceived cowardice prior to the battle. Guilt-ridden and enraged, Aidan cut down several of the Whitemoore guards in an attempt to slay Adolfus but was eventually subdued and imprisoned. While awaiting execution for kinslaying and cowardice, the Whitemoore’s Maester came to Aidan under the cover of darkness. Disgusted by the actions of Adolfus, and his own love of the boy he fostered, he set Aidan free; telling him to travel far away and never return.

After a year of drinking and self loathing, Aidan came across a seafaring merchant named Gorin Yurd. Yurd was an imposing, covetous man who was in need of a new deckhand. Aidan sailed with him for months, taking his payment in the form of wine and lodging, until one day they made port on the docks of a little know coastal house. The greedy merchant was well known for intimidating the small folk he bartered with, on this particular day he was attempting to extort a local wharf-master over the price of truffles. With a sense of honor that had long been buried under alcohol and depression Aidan found himself coming to the aid of the man, urging Yurd to pay the fair price and leave peacefully. Aggravated at the interference Yurd cursed Aidan calling him the coward of the West, and his deceased son the bastard of Adolfus Whitemoore. He then slapped the wharf-master taking his truffles and proclaimed he would pay the price he was accustomed to paying. Incensed at the bullying and mockery, Aidan punched the merchant breaking his nose and sending him sprawling to the deck. Bloodied and embarrassed, Yurd boarded his ship refusing to take Aidan with him, all the while assailing him with insults and castigations. The wharf-master offered his rescuer a job tending stables and assisting on the docks of Shadowmoor castle, never letting Aidan know that he knew of his dark past.

Aidan Black

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