Ysamai Snow (KIA)

Apprentice ranger of House Eventide


Ysamai has fond memories of her childhood, especially of hunting with her father Bowen (before he was sent to join the Night’s Watch). Bowen taught her just about everything she knows; how to shoot a bow, follow tracks, forage for food and live off of the land. He also taught her how to fight, treating her more as a son than as a daughter.

Since those happy times, her House has fallen into complete disrepair. It’s people can do nothing more but hunt, gather and that someday their fortunes will improve. Ysamai has vague memories of when times were better, when House Marsh’s people were proud. She wants nothing more than to redeem her house and reclaim its honor.

She travelled to King’s Landing in the hopes of winning the marksmanship contest so she could return home with glory and a bag bulging with golden dragons. Her dreams were crushed when she lost in the first round. Fortunately she met a few members of House Eventide on her travels to Kings Landing. They quickly embraced Ysamai as a friend and ally, and after proving herself to them through her loyal actions, they asked her to join their house.

Currently Ysamai is an apprentice ranger under Asher Stone. She hopes to make a name for herself as an elite ranger of the East. Once she has made a decent amount of money she plans to return to House Marsh so she can begin to rebuild her once proud house.

Ysamai Snow (KIA)

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