The Black Adders

Elite mountain rangers of House Wyl, defenders of the Boneway.


This unit of elite Dornish rangers was formed by House Wyl hundreds of years ago when raiders and bandits ran rampant amongst the mountains, attacking travelers and smallfolk alike. Fearing for the safety of his people, Lord Symon Wyl sent out a call for the best trackers and hunters in all of the Seven Kingdoms. Few answered the summons sent out by Lord Wyl, but those brave few proved skilled enough to put a stop to the banditry and murder that plagued the Boneway. In a few months time the lands of House Wyl were cleared of criminal filth and order was once again restored to the lands of House Wyl.

Overtime the trackers and hunters evolved into an order of elite rangers who specialized in stealth, archery, and mountain combat. They are called The Black Adders because the sigil of House Wyl features a black adder biting the heel of a foot.

Eventually, after well over one hundred years of dedication, the leaders of the Adders were knighted and given lands within the holdings of House Wyl. Over time, as House Wyl suffered from a slow and steady decay, the Adders strength diminished. They lost men to mercenary companies across the narrow see, others became hedge knights and some were desperate enough for gold they turned to a life of banditry.

After the death of Tygor Wyls father the Adders were forced to sell whatever lands they still held in order to keep House Wyl alive. Landless and forlorn, the remaining Adders decided to disperse and hunt down those responsible for the murder of their Lord, leaving only the garrison of Boneway Castle to defend their home.


The Black Adders

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