Company of the Cat

Mercenaries hired by House Eventide.


Bloodthirsty Veteran Soldiers

Discipline: Veteran. Warfare test – Easy (3)

Armor Rating: 4

Armor Penalty: -2

Defense: 7

Health: 12

Fighting Damage: 5

Endurance: 4

Agility: 3

Fighting: 4

Awareness: 3

Athletics: 4


The Company of the Cat are a mercenary company of 3,000 infantry found in the Free Cities. They are led by a captain known as Bloodbeard. 200 infantry were hired by Glenn Stonehearth and Skud Mornweed to aid House Eventide in their ongoing war against the tribes of the Mountains of the Moon. The representative of this small force of Cats is a fierce warrior named Lysono Tregar.

Company of the Cat

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