Gorlock Dolphinback

Warden of The North, The Lord of Winterfell, The Dolphin That Walks



Name: Sir Gorlock Dolphinback
Nick name: The Dolphin that Walks
Gender: Male
House: Eventide
Height: 6’10"
Weight: 370
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black


After Gorlocks birth, his mother became unstable. She thought that no babe should be that large, and thought that he must be some sort of abomination. His father came home one day to see that his wife was giving their baby a bath. Only it was a bath, but more of a drowning. His father, terrified of seeing what his wife was doing, knocked the woman to the ground. As she fell, her head hit the floor with a loud crack.

The father, then remembering his son, grabbed the baby up out of the water, and laid the babe on a table. The babe lay motionless for a moment, until it spat a tiny bit of water and began to cry. Relieved, the father went to check on the mother. When he looked upon the body he realized what had happened. Fearful of murder charges, he grabbed his infant son and whatever coin he had. He decided to leave Westeros, and voyage across the narrow sea.

The father only had enough to pay for his sons travel. Not wanting to stay in Westeros, and short on coin, the father then worked on the ship to pay for his voyage. Once landed in Braavos, the father looked for work. The only job available, that would provide food and stay for both him and his son, was working at a tavern. This lasted for about eight years, until the father died of illness. The son, fled from the tavern in hopes of traveling back to Westeros, the land his father would so proudly speak of.

The boy thought the best way to find voyage to Westeros, would be working at the docks and on the ships. The boy worked for the next two years as a cabin boy. He had always been much larger than the other boys about his age, and around the boys tenth name day he had been promoted to an oarsman, earning slightly more coin.

At the age of fifteen the boy looked like a large grown man, already standing at 6’5" and likely to get taller. The boy was young but already stronger than any man he had met before. His back had larger muscles, disproportional to the rest of his body, caused by becoming an oarsman at such a young age, earning him the nickname Dolphinback, he liked that name more than his own. His name was constantly mocked, causing him to become angry. His size was matched only by his anger, often causing him trouble.

One day on the docks, a man with one was mocking the oafish appearance of Dolphinback. Dolphinback could not take much mockery from this one eyed man, that’s when Dolphinback punched the one eyed man, rendering him unconscious. The men that had accompanied the one eyed man, immediately attacked. Dolphinback managed to beat down a handful of men, until he came upon men of arms. Dolphinback charged at them, but was whacked upon the head with the thrust of a shield.

Dolphinback was then placed in a cell, until a man entered the room, and stood outside of Dolphinback’s cell. After the man introduced himself, he let Dolphinback know the one-eyed man he so wisely chose to attack, was his brother, and like himself, belonged to the Golden Company. The man informs Dolphinback that he saw all that happened. He then told Dolphinback that such a crime is punishable by death, but then stated he felt that death would be a waste on such a monstrous young man. He then informed Dolphinback that he has one of two choices to make: join the Golden Company, and learn the ways of the warriors from Westeros; or he will be executed for his crimes.

Dolphinback spent the next fifteen years in servitude to the Golden Company. He had grown into a large man standing at 6’9", and weighing about 330 pounds of violently chiseled muscle. He was now known as the name he had once used to avoid mockery of his name, Gorlock Dolphinback. Over the years he had become an unstoppable force. He wore a full plate suit of armor, and could wield a war hammer in one hand. The war hammer was a disgusting tool of death, for Dolphinback never cleaned the blood off from where it had crushed his enemies’ skulls. The war hammer was his pride, and in an odd jape, named it “The Queen’s Cock”.

After years of service, Dolphinback had still not earned back his freedom; only the opportunity to take short leaves for drinking and whores. Dolphinback likes the life of a warrior, but is frustrated by the lack of reward and fame. He fought as victoriously as any of the legends he idolized as a child, but got no honor, name, house, wife, or son to carry it on. He dreams for a way to have this life, but cannot find escape from the life he lives.

Gorlock Dolphinback

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