Grissle the Siegebreaker

Skud's Direboar Companion


Age: 8
House: Eventide
Height: 4’8
Weight: 900
Eye Color: One White, One Black
Hair Color: Dark Brown


Grissle was found in the mountains by Skud Mornweed one day while he was foraging for truffles. This massive direboar piglet had lost his family and was in danger of starving to death. Young Skud brought the animal back to Shadowmoor and raised it as if it was his own son. Legends spoke of Direboars raised in the Mornweed family long ago, but none have been seen in the forest for centuries.

He has a broken tusk and is blind in one eye from The Battle of Boar Charge Hill. There are steel bands around his tusks, one for each person he has killed. He wears heavy scale armor into battle, and oftentimes after a kill, will feast on the body. He is violent, moody, and over-protective, but generally trustworthy around his immediate pack. He is not to be touched while eating, a lesson that Dingleberry learned the hard way.

Grissle the Siegebreaker

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