Lady Barbrey Dustin

The Lady of Barrowton


Barbrey Dustin has wrinkles around her mouth and eyes, but she is still tall, unbent and handsome. Her hair is equal parts brown and grey, wearing it tied behind her head in a widow’s knot. While intelligent, she has grown into a bitter woman over the years. Barbrey’s personal banner flying over the keep of Barrow Hall quarters the spiked crown and crossed longaxes of House Dustin with the golden horsehead of her father, Rodrik Ryswell.

In her youth Barbrey was infatuated with Brandon Stark, who took her maidenhead. She claims Brandon never wanted to marry Catelyn Tully and that the match was made when Lord Rickard Stark’s maester put the idea in Rickard’s head. Lady Dustin is extremely distrustful of maesters in general and refers to them as “grey rats.”
When her husband Willam rode off to war, Barbrey gifted him with a fine red steed, the pride of her father’s herd. Lord Willam swore he would return to her mounted on the horse.
After the war Lord Eddard Stark returned the steed to Barbrey, but not her lord husband, who died at the Tower of Joy. She bears an intense grudge against Eddard for not bringing her husband’s bones north with him so she could bury him at his ancestral home. Barrowton is staunch for House Bolton largely because of this grievance.

Lady Barbrey Dustin

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