Lord Alfric Kettlebottom

Lord of House Kettlebottom


The Lord of House Kettlebottom is Alfric, many years a widower. He was a sworn sword to his older brother, Sofred, and a stalwart warrior in his day, but now Alfric is a withered shadow of his former self. Steeped in loss, Alfric watched his six brothers die around him during the Rebellion and held his eldest brother’s head in his lap as a maester strove to pull an arrow from the gory pit of Sofred’s eye. His other brothers fell as well. Sandor Clegane’s own blade cut down one brother, another was spitted on a Lannister spear, and yet another died from a mere scratch that mysteriously turned gangrenous. One more toppled from a keep’s battlements and smashed like an egg on the helms of the men below, and a traitors knife killed his youngest brother.
Even after the Rebellion the Gods weren’t through with Alfric. His wife perished when a portion of the Kettlebottoms damaged keep collapsed on her and several of her ladies in waiting, leaving him to raise their daughter (Iris) and son (Adham) alone.


Lord Alfric Kettlebottom

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