House Eventide Statistics and Fortunes

Realm: Mountains of the Moon
House Fortune Bonus: +4 +1 Test D per Banner House

Defense: 44 – Excellent defenses with man-made fortifications likely combined with defensible terrain features.

Influence: 41 – Maximum Lord’s Status 5. A powerful minor house with colorful history. Examples include House Florrent and House Frey.

Lands: 25 – Coast, community, castle, port, grassland, road.

Law: 21 – The typical level of law throughout much of Westeros. Crime is common but not out of control.

Population: 21 – Typical population. Most smallfolk live on farmsteads or in hamlets, but you might have a couple of small towns and a community around your primary fortification.

Power: 21 – Small force of soldiers largely made up of smallfolk.

Wealth: 3 – Poor. Your family has little of excess. While they are able to sustain themselves and their holdings, they do not live in luxury.

House Actions and Fortunes

Month 1: Skud and Glenn travel across the narrow sea in search of mercenaries. Asher and Ysamai perform recon on the tribes of the Mountain Men. Aiden takes command of the defenses of Shadowmoore.

Month 2: Skud and Glenn arrive in Pentos. They hire a guide, sailors and ships. Aiden and Elend hunt down and arrest every criminal they can find within their lands. The murderers and rapists are to be executed and the lesser offenders are sentenced to a life as brothers of the Nights Watch.

Month 3: Skud and Glenn hire two companies (200 men) of mercenaries from The Company of the Cat. They also buy four dancing bears and a bear trainer named Gord. Asher and Ysamai send a cart full of poisoned food into Mountain Tribe territory in the hopes of poisoning their enemies. The cart is led by one of the condemned criminals. Asher is also searching for someone to train so that they can eventually take over his position.

Month 4: House Eventide prepares to host a feast. They send out invites to their smallfolk, Tygor Wyl, the Kettlebottoms, House Arryn, and House Coldwater. The priority of the feast is to begin building a good relationship with House Coldwater.
House Fortune roll result: Blessing +3 wealth.
Smallfolk have started to arrive at Castle Shadowmoore. They wish to join House Eventide after hearing of the noble deeds they performed at the Kings Tournament. Skud puts the new smallfolk to work immediately as fishermen and clam divers. The recently hired sailors are sent out with the task of creating new trade routes. They also will spread news of job opportunities within House Eventide. Aiden begins to train a unit of cavalry and Glenn starts training the “TideGuard”. Asher trains the “nerds” of the house with the intention of molding them into a unit of spies he calls the Shadowguard.
Skud finds two trainees to represent him in small council meetings.

Month 5: House Fortune roll result: Blessing. A group of elite rangers (12) called “The Ghosts of the Boneway” arrive at Castle Shadowmoore and swear fealty to House Eventide. They are Dornish rangers who have been sent by Tygor Wyl to help Eventide with their Mountain Tribe problem. Primbleton Stone takes the Ghosts out on multiple rangings and they acclimate themselves with the terrain very quickly. While out the rangers also hunt for the upcoming feast. Skud checks on the economics of the port and takes over the bear and horse breeding programs. Glenn trains the Tideguard. Asher, Ysamai and company are able to locate the home encampment of the Black Ears. It is populated by women, children, and only a few warriors.

Month 6: House Fortune roll result: Blessing. Several of the houses attending our feast become banner-men of Eventide. John Arryn attends as well and is pleased with all he sees. The Kettlebottom army with Marita Lugus and a small force of mountain men attempted to lay siege to Shadowmoor castle. Eventide defeated them handily suffering only minor losses. Alfric Kettlebottom was captured and is being held in Shadowmoor dungeons. Marita Lugus has fled taking Iris Kettlebottom with her. john Arryn returns to Kings landing promising to inform the King of what transpired, more word to come.

House Eventide Statistics and Fortunes

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