Elend Eventide


Young Noble Heir. Age: 17 Height: 5’7 Hair: Black Eyes: Purple Weapon of Choice: Tidebreaker


This may be the last words of House Evendide. I write this so the rest of Westeros may know what happened. My Lord father lies dead next to me, so I am now the last of my name. I sit here in a cold, dark tent; ankles fettered. But I must not give up hope. Warrior, give me strength..

I will miss Castle Shadowmoor.. watching my father hold court; taking rides on Skud’s favorite direboar, Grisel, when I was a young lad; martial training in the mornings with Glenn and sharing a laugh with my half-brother, Asher, when he would scare the smallfolk children with his disfigured face.

It was a good life, however brief.. My only regrets are not finding true love myself and not being able to wreak vengeance on the Black Ears and the Arryns, who have abandoned us for so long.

House Eventide will die with me. I don’t see how I can escape.. I can hear the mountain men coming to kill me now…

Wait… I hear something else… Is that the voice of Aidan Black?..
And a thunderous clamor… It sounds like a charge of boars… BOARS!

Elend Eventide

House Eventide Stronghammer