Skud Mornweed

A True Utilitarian


Age: 35
Gender: Male
House: Eventinde
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 150
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Brown Stubble

Agility: 2
Animal Handling: 3 (Train 1B)
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 4 (Empathy 1B, Notice 1B)
Cunning: 4
Deception: 4 (Bluff, Act, Disguise, Cheat — 1B)
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 2
Healing: 2
Language: 2
Knowledge: 4 (Enducation, Streetwise)
Marksmanship: 3 (Net 1B)
Persuasion: 4 (Intimidate 1B)
Status: 4
Stealth: 2
Survival: 2
Thievery: 2
Warfare: 1
Will: 4 (Coordinate 2B, Dedication 1B)


Skud comes from a line of boar farmers who serve House Eventide. The last of his line, he is the only one left who knows the secrets of boarhandling. Due to the mountainous region, House Eventide uses boars to track instead of dogs. The prize of Skud’s lot is his direboar companion, Grissle. The boars are used to scour the mountainside for truffles, a delicacy of the area.

Skud was brought up as a child with Grissle. He learned that by sharing in food together, he can bond with the beast. Skud eats all his meals in the stable, eating the same slop that Grissle does. Skud is highly sensitive of being seen eating, as it is both embarrassing and he does not want to give up his secrets.

Skud was raised by his father, a simple and honest man who would gather truffles and sell them on the docks. When Skud’s father had passed, Skud went to the docks to continue to sell the truffles. A naturally intelligent person, Skud quickly realized that his father had been cheated his whole life. The merchants were severely underpaying for the valuable truffles, as they had convinced his father that they were only used to cure hangovers.

Skud vowed from that day forward, no one would ever take advantage of him or the people he cares about. He quickly raised the price of truffles to competitive levels, and managed to levy additional taxes on the greedy merchants. He then lured new merchants to Shadowmoore to compete with the current ones. Skud’s aggressive business practices did not go unnoticed, and lead to his promotion to the Master of Coin for House Eventide. Skud fulfills both his duties to the stables and to the coins.

As the stablemaster of House Eventide, Skud gave a chance to a young drunk on the streets, Aiden Black. He gave the man food and shelter if he would work the stables. Aiden possessed an uncanny knack for dealing with animals, and was quite adept at handling the boars and horses. Skud realized there was something more to Aiden, but let the man have his privacy. Aiden would go on to prove his worth at the Battle of Boar Charge Hill, justifying Skud’s faith in him.

At the Battle of Boar Charge Hill, Skud and Glenn came up with the plan to use the boars to lead the vanguard. The boars heroically charged up the hill where many where cut down by arrow fire, logs, and falling rocks. They were able to break the siege but sustained heavy casualties. After the battle Skud took the tusks of the fallen boars and made a memorial in the Ancestry Room. The Maester of the House was cut down at the battle, and House Eventide needed another. Skud was chosen as he was best suited for handling animals.

Skud wants nothing more than to return to his simple life with his boars. He hopes to bring peace to House Eventide, so he can one day return to hunting truffles in the forest with his boars.

Skud Mornweed

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